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Austin’s Story

A couple months ago, I got home from school and my mom was on the phone so I waited awhile to talk to her. Ten minutes go by and she finally gets off the phone and she calls me into the kitchen. When I got to the kitchen she was staring at me like I did something wrong, I was kind of nervous when I saw her looking at me like that. She asked me, “Austin, how would you like to do Boys State?” When she said that, she had a big smile on her face. I laughed a little and I asked her what it was about. She explained what it was about and it was a great leadership conference and a government style set up. I was interested as soon as she said that.

We got me registered for Boys State and there were a few papers we had to hand into our local American Legion in a little town in central New York called Richfield Springs. After I handed them in, I was all ready to go. When I found out when it was, I was excited to do it and couldn’t wait but at the same time I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. Now that it has been a couple days into Boy’s State I am really enjoying it. It is a new experience and it has been a good opportunity to meet new people and learn about how things work.

The biggest thing I have learned this week at Boy’s State is when you’re working with people you don’t really know, try to get to know them. Also talk because communication is key in conferences like Boys State. I really have enjoyed my time so far in Boys State and hope it will continue to be like that.

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