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Sporting Staters

This afternoon in Morrisville, the first round of our softball and basketball tournaments have kicked off strong. Games were played between the two cities of every county, with the winning cities moving on to the next round which will be held tomorrow. Tough competition and sportsmanship flooded the fields and courts as fellow Boys’ Staters from rivaling cities competed for the chance to play against another county.

A game of basketball being played at the outdoor courts at Boys’ State, SUNY Morrisville

Tomorrow the soccer tournament begins, with the same bracket style as the softball and basketball games. Teams of six players from each city will compete against the other city in their county to see who will advance.

There has been no absence of athletics so far, with prolific sport opportunities and time for citizens to practice their sport. Even citizens without any sport experience have volunteered to represent their cities, showing will to explore new activities and pride toward their Boys’ State city of brothers.

One thought on “Sporting Staters

  1. An amazing experience for all of these boys. Looking forward to reading further posts! Thank you for sharing and good luck to all!


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