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Call to Convention

Day 3 of NYS Boys’ State started strong with Marines instructing physical training at 0600. Citizens later in the morning had an assembly where they were offered some words of advice from multiple speakers. First, the District Attorney of Oneida County Scott McNamara talked about his experience as a District Attorney and several projects that he pioneered to serve the community. McNamara created a program to help veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. He also created a second chance program for select individuals that have demonstrated that they have changed while in a correctional facility. Individuals selected for this program have their charges dropped or reduced and are able to rejoin society.

Scott Mcnamara, Oneida District Attorney

Following Scott McNamara was Mike St. Leger, the Madison County Court Judge. His speech gave a personal in depth view of the life and role of a judge in the courtroom, as well as in society. The importance of organ donation was also addressed, giving reason to be an organ donor. Dozens of lives can be saved or improved from one organ donor.

Mike St. Leger, Madison County Court Judge

Finally the citizens listened to public speaker Fred Ashforth who gave an interactive speech about how to be a better public speaker and how to succeed and meet your goals in life.

Fred Ashforth

Mr. Ashforth’s speech was very powerful and opened the doors for many Boys’ Staters to become better public speakers. He began his speech by asking citizens to be honest and rate themselves on public speaking (1 being avoiding it as much as possible to 4 being ecstatic about speaking in front of others). Mr. Ashford then gave the citizens tips on public speaking with examples. He showed how with eye contact, good posture, and boosting the audiences’ ego people are more confident in voting for you because the trust level with that person has developed more. Another reason he stated is because when people walk away from a public speaker they remember how they felt, not the words that were said.

All together the third day of Boys’ State has continued to develop the leaders of tomorrow.

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