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Boys State and Eagle Scout

Here at Boys’ State everyone from the counselors and marines to the students, admire leadership and interdependence. For example, the boys can show leadership by putting themselves out there for positions, such as city mayor or governor. Participants can also organize their own softball, basketball, and soccer teams, ensuring they have the best team possible in their cities and counties. They can show interdependence by electing the best candidate for the respective positions. Other smaller examples of interdependence are cleanliness, and time management, such as waking up on time for PT at 6:00 in the morning. These skills of leadership and interdependence are great life skills. They will help all of the boys for the rest of their lives and can be the deciding factor between them and another candidate for an important position.

Another well-respected program that also teaches skills of leadership, interdependence and more important life skills is Boys Scouts, more specifically Eagle Scouts. Eagle Scouts complete a project that requires immense hard work, dedication, and service to others. Since these programs teach many of the same ideals and abilities, there is overlap between the participants of the programs. A few examples of members who are both Eagle Scouts and who are in Boys’ State, are Ryan Bernick, Samuel Mozzillo, and Tim Kusterbeck. Ryan explained how in both programs he has to assume leadership positions and qualities , while still being able to be successful at his own pace. Samuel said how both programs taught much about pushing oneself to their limit and knowing when to stop. Tim described how they both taught about working well with one’s community and peers.

Members of Eagle Scout and Boys State in Picture (no order):

  • George Donohue, #0383
  • Thomas Kanz, #0352
  • John Mallory, #0429
  • Peter Stec, #0485
  • Corey Decker, #0502
  • Ryan Caster, #0486
  • Ben Vebsquez, #0530
  • Garrett Carlson, #0484
  • Robert Stewart, #0717
  • Tyler Denker, #0048
  • Neal Moore, #0280
  • Benjamin Battle, #0079
  • Eddie Lofresti, #0593
  • Tim Kusterbeck, #0235

Jack Walsh is one of the many counselors here at Boys’ State. He himself was in the program 50 years ago in 1972. He was also an Eagle Scout and received the positions in 1971 and received a Distinguished Eagle Scout position in 1999. He used his amazing background dealing with these two programs to become an American Legion commander at post 460, a US army veteran and a retired captain of the NYPD. He wanted to see Eagle Scouts in Boys’ State, thinking of his own time in the respective programs. When he saw the reunion he explained that “Coming back to Boys’ State after 50 years, he is deeply impressed by the quality of the participants and deeply honored to see so many Eagle Scouts participating in Boys’ State, NY.

All of the participants here at Boys’ State, especially the ones who also became an Eagle Scout, are ready to follow Mr. Walsh’s example and have a very dense and successful future. Using the qualities, such as leadership and interdependence boys will become great leaders and attain powerful positions to ensure the success of future generations and America, as the leader of tomorrow. Many Eagle scouts are ready for the challenge and are ready to bring back Boys Scouts to its former glory. These boys will never quit until there exceed and accomplish their challenge.

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