Current Boys State Posts

Daily Routine


Boys will wake up and begin getting ready for physical training at approximately 5:30am. They will make their beds and put on work out clothing before they head outside at 6am for PT. The marines will instruct and push the boys through many challenging exercises to get the blood pumping before the day starts. Boys will then head back to their dorms to get ready for the day (proper Boys’ State clothing, showers, etc.).


Breakfast is served at 6:45 at the Seneca Dining Hall, also known as “The Pit Stop” or, to the boys, the “Chow Hall”. Sometime before 8am, a specific county raises the flag, the county is dependent upon the day. Lunch is served at 11:45am.


Everyday between breakfast and lunch there is an assembly that the boys will attend where there is an excellent band, a color guard, and a scripture reading. Boys will begin by reciting the national anthem, then continue on with whatever the assembly holds for them. After lunch, boys typically hold political elections for their city, county, or political party.


Between 4pm-5pm boys will have leisure time where they are welcome to participate in a variety of sports including dodgeball, softball, soccer, basketball, cross county, tennis, and volleyball. Boys will also be welcome to wander around campus visiting the shops and the ice skating rink. Dinner is served at 5:15pm. Everyday before 6pm, the flag lowering will be executed by a different county than that that raised the flag, this county is also dependent on the day.


At around 7pm, there will be State Party Conventions and band parade rehearsals, dependent on the day. Boys will then return to their dorms when all of these activities are finished, lights go out at 10:30pm. There is never a dull moment here at the New York Boys’ State!

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