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State Party Conventions Session III

The citizens of Boys’ State held their final state party elections on June 26th. For a more in-depth guide to the party conventions and the previous days, click here. On this day the Boys’ Staters from each county voted for their party’s nominee for attorney general, and most important of all; Governor.

The Governor presides at all assemblages of the citizens of Boys’ State, appoint executive assistants, supervises the aforementioned executive assistants as well as having the ability to eliminate them at will. The governor can veto over all legislation and can pardon convicted citizens of Boys’ State.

The Nationalist Party nominated Zachary Brown #159 for the position of Lieutenant Governor, and nominated Mackenzy McMorris #125 for the position of Governor.

The Federalist Party nominated Joel-Anthoney Bossous #346 for the position of Lieutenant Governor, and nominated Patrick Saint Ange #394 for the position of Governor.

During the Assembly on Wednesday, June 27, at 9:15 AM, both parties will vote on who will fill these positions, and the other positions from the second State Party Convention.

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